How to apply for a refund of overpaid rent payments

  • There must be a credit/overpayment (negative value) on your HAP Account
  • Where the HAP tenancy is ceased, all payments must be stopped before a refund can be processed
  • Where your HAP tenancy is active, a refund will only be processed where the credit/overpayment is more than six weeks rent.   If the credit/overpayment is six weeks or less, HAPSSC recommend stopping payments until the credit/overpayment is used up.   Please contact HAPSSC at 061 556600 if paying through the Household Budget Deduction.

NOTE: the respsonsibility is on you, as the HAP recipient, to restart your payments to ensure your HAP account does not go into arrears and possibly enter the debt process.

Please use this Refund Request Form.