HAP Tenant Payments

Your local authority will make a monthly HAP payment directly to your landlord, on the last Wednesday of each month. HAP Payments are based on the number of people in a household and the rental market in the locality.

Local authorities have limited flexibility to go above HAP rent limits in some cases. Where monthly rent agreed with your landlord exceeds the maximum HAP rate payable by your local authority, you must pay the difference directly to your landlord. However, local authorities have a responsibility to ensure that tenancies are sustainable and cannot provide HAP support where a household is not able to meet the rental costs being sought.

The weekly rent contribution you pay to your local authority is based on your household’s income. It is calculated in the same way as the rent paid by a tenant of a local authority owned property. This must be paid in order to remain eligible for HAP.

You can get further information on the limits that apply to your household from your local authority.