Rent payments to landlords

When the HAP application is approved, the local authority will start making HAP payments on the last Wednesday of each month directly into your bank account subject to the scheme’s conditions. This covers the period of occupation of the property by the HAP tenant for that calendar month.

The earliest date from which a local authority will make HAP payments to you is the date they receive a complete and valid HAP application form from the applicant and you as landlord. If an applicant moves into a property before this date, they will be liable for any rent due. You are advised to return a completed Section B of the HAP application form to the local authority as soon as possible after agreeing a tenancy.

All local authorities use the services of the HAP Shared Services Centre, which is based in Limerick, to make HAP rental payments to landlords. The HAP Shared Services Centre also collects all rent contributions from HAP tenants. For this reason, HAP payments will be made to your account in the name of HAP Shared Services Centre or Limerick City and County Council. HAP payments can only be made to one nominated bank account.

Where the monthly rent agreed with your HAP tenant exceeds the maximum rent limit payable by the local authority on their behalf, your HAP tenant must pay the difference directly to you.

You do not have a contract with the local authority. The local authority makes payments on behalf of the HAP tenant.

HAP payments will stop when either you or your tenant end the tenancy following a valid notice to quit. Information on ending a tenancy can be found on the Residential Tenancies Board website.

Local authorities can also suspend or stop payments for other reasons. However, these are in very limited circumstances and the risk of them occurring is low.

For more information, see the HAP Landlord Information Booklet or contact your local authority.