Becoming a HAP landlord

You are not legally required to rent your property to someone getting HAP support. You choose the tenants for your property. However, you are not allowed to refuse to rent to someone just because they receive HAP. If you do, you will be breaking the equality laws. Further information is available from the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission at

If you refuse to rent to someone because they receive HAP, they can make a complaint to the Workplace Relations Commission at:

HAP tenants must find their own accommodation in the private rented market. This is the same as the current Rent Supplement scheme. As part of the HAP tenant’s application process, you, the landlord of the property, must send certain information to the local authority. You can return Part B of the HAP application form with the relevant information directly to the local authority.

This information will include:

  • the total amount of the monthly rent
  • proof of your ownership/entitlement to act as landlord of the property, with your name and the property address
  • header from a bank statement, with your/your agent’s name and address to prove that the named person/company nominated to receive HAP payments is the account holder for the bank details provided
  • an undertaking regarding the property’s compliance with standards for rental accommodation
  • an undertaking regarding your tax compliance
  • your PPSN or Tax Reference Number

If a new tenancy is being provided in a rent pressure zone, you are required to provide the tenant with a written statement explaining how the rent set under the tenancy of the dwelling has been calculated in relation to the rent pressure zone formula. The local authority will seek a copy of this statement where applicable. Please see for further information regarding rent pressure zones.

For more information, see the HAP Landlord Information Booklet or contact your local authority.